IPNA teaching course: Glomerular diseases - Is anything new?


This event is designed to provide an update on glomerular diseases, including primary and secondary glomerulonephritis, with an emphasis on early diagnosis and modern treatment. Lectures and case presentations will be followed by discussions, case presentations with audience participation and a quiz at the end.

Further goals are to support the development of renal research and to facilitate the delivery of high-quality healthcare in Romania. Young doctors will take advantage of the many benefits of this course.

Course objectives

  • Provide an update on Glomerular Disease 
  • Assess the classical and modern diagnostic methods
  • Discuss different approaches to glomerular diseases

Target audience

Pediatric Nephrologists, Nephrologists, Pediatricians, Medical , General Practitioners from Romania and Central and Southeastern Europe.

Educational needs, expected outcomes

Nephrologists need better ways, beyond histopathology, to phenotype patients with glomerular disease and  stratify the risk for progression to ESRD. Training programs to develop a core group of pediatric kidney specialists are needed. Creating registries of patients with glomerular disease, building a national network and joining international networks can aid in the ability to determine realistic estimates of disease prevalence and to improve therapy.


The official language of the course will be English.


Ramona Stroescu

course director

Phone: 0040 742 288 868

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